Catering Restaurant Finance to Feed Your Needs
Next Course Financial Group is a provider of both financial and business development services to hospitality companies in all stages of growth. Next Course should be viewed as your financial strategic partner. Owners and operators can anticipate that the type of services that will be provided will be the same as having an in-house chief financial officer and supporting staff at your disposal.

Our management team combines more than 50 years total experience in the hospitality, marketing and events industries.
Rob Marzan
Rob Marzan is the co-founder and operating partner of Next Course Financial Group where he specializes in overseeing financial operations, brand management, and expansion for Next Course clients.  Prior to beginning Next Course, Rob was the director of finance for Smith and Wollensky Restaurant Group.  Rob has worked in all levels of accounting and finance within the restaurant industry.
Ally Marzan
Ally Marzan has specialized in accounting and marketing, specifically within the food and hospitality industry, for over ten years. After receiving her B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Mary Washington in Virginia, a year later she graduated 1st in her class from the highly ranked Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia with a Masters in International Marketing. Ally is a senior accountant with Next Course, handling day to day financial operations for clients.
Some of the many services we provide include:
  • Weekly sales flash and cash projections
  • Monthly financial statements and analysis
  • Sales tax returns
  • Detailed balance sheet analysis
  • Liaison with tax accountant
  • Average check/menu item/payroll/food cost analysis
  • Budget/forecasting
Next Course allows entrepreneurs and operators to do what they do best while providing them the necessary tools to help them achieve their financial goals.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I outsource my bookkeeping to Next Course Financial Group?
Our many years of experience and expertise in the restaurant industry provides a strong foundation to guiding and advising our clients successfully.  By outsourcing to us, our team of experienced restaurant professionals will handle all financial aspects of your business, alleviating the need for hiring, training and retaining an internal bookkeeping staff.

What value does Next Course offer my business?
NCFG is a one stop shop for all financial matters related to running a restaurant or hospitality business.  From detailed bookkeeping to strategic forecasting, we combine financial and consulting services to suit the growing needs of restaurant and hospitality businesses.

Is my restaurant too big or too small for Next Course?
We have experience working with restaurant/hospitality businesses from one store to multi-unit operations.  We work with you to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your business and personally make it our business to stay on top of your business.

Why should I choose Next Course over other financial service options?
Next Course offers the best of both worlds when it comes to financial services for the restaurant and hospitality industry.  We bundle our accounting and consulting services to maximize our value to you and fill your financial needs from daily bookkeeping to strategic planning for future locations.

Why does NCFG charge a monthly retainer rather than billing by the hour?
Our monthly retainer encompasses all daily, weekly and monthly items outlined in our proposed scope of work. It’s not about the quantity of hours that we spend on your account but the quality of work that is produced for your business to succeed.
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